About us

We understand that everyone learns differently, so we aim to eliminate any barriers that may prevent you from learning the Quran by offering personalized learning styles tailored to your individual needs.

About the team

Our family has been inspired by the Quran since childhood, with each of us being a Hafiz or Qari. We believe in the transformative power of the Quran and strive to instill this inspiration in others.

  • Mohamed Gewida


    Mohamed memorized the Quran at 11 and obtained his Ijazah in Hifz and Tajweed two years later. He teaches at HVICC, leads Ramadan prayers at Masjid Al-Tawheed, and offers Quran lessons. A Hafiz and Doctor of Pharmacy, Mohamed is committed to healing spiritually and physically, especially in underserved regions. He enjoys reading, traveling, skiing, and basketball.

  • Hamza Gewida


    Hamza, a seasoned instructor of Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies, has taught for seven years using the Noorani method, helping over 100 young learners read the Quran fluently. Dedicated to his community, he creates athletic programs to engage youth at the Hudson Valley Islamic Community Center. Hamza is a finance student passionate about wealth management who enjoys reading, basketball, traveling, and snowboarding in his free time.

  • Essraa Gewida


    Essraa, a highly skilled Quran and Arabic teacher with over 13 years of experience at the Hudson Valley Islamic Center, is known for her inclusive and supportive approach that caters to each student's unique needs. As an Environmental Engineer, she remains dedicated to her students' growth and success, leaving a lasting impact through engaging discussions.

  • Eslam Gewida


    Eslam memorized the Quran at age 9 and earned an Ijazah in Hifz and Tajweed from Al Azhar University. With over 13 years of teaching experience at the Hudson Valley Islamic Community Center and leading taraweeh prayers for more than a decade, he passionately shares his love for the Quran. Holding an M.B.A with a Healthcare Management certificate, Eslam combines business expertise with a dedication to serving society through his involvement with Gewida Quran Academy. He enjoys hiking, traveling, and skiing.

  • Eman Gewida


    Eman memorized the Quran at age 10 and spent 8 years studying Islamic studies, Tajweed, Hadith, and fiqh at al-Azhar. With over a decade of experience teaching Quran and Islamic studies, organizing youth programs, and leading summer classes, Eman has positively impacted many students. She continues private tutoring while pursuing her dental studies and is dedicated to expanding the Quran family at Gewida Quran Academy by creating a welcoming and inclusive space for learners of all backgrounds.

  • Adam Gewida


    Adam, a young Hafiz with a strong TikTok presence, inspires others to memorize the Quran through his captivating recitation content. Passionate about voices, maqamat, and tajweed, he has taught at weekend schools, led Taraweeh prayers, and co-founded Gewida Quran Academy with his siblings. Aspiring to become a computer scientist, Adam aims to use AI to alleviate poverty. He enjoys basketball, chess, reading non-fiction, and snowboarding.